Nunca he sido un forofo de Napalm Death [wiki], pero por si le interesa a alguien, acaba de ponerse a disposición de quien quiera bajárselo un tema del nuevo disco, concrétamente «The Silence is Deafening». El disco se llamará «The Code is Red… Long Live the Code», y saldrá a la venta en Europa el 25 de Abril.


Después de mostrar un monumental cabreo por las encuestas que se estaban realizando en los foros de Megadeth.com respecto a los actuales miembros del grupo, la página oficial del grupo parece haber desaparecido. Dave Mustaine, creador y líder de Megadeth, mostró su rechazo a dichas encuestas en un primer mensaje (y aprovechó para destripar un poco a sus antiguos compañeros), y en un segundo mensaje avisó que si continuaban dichas encuestas, cerraría la página web. Los mensajes son los siguientes:

Y uno…

Et tu Bruti?


I was in the dressing room tonight and the guys told me some of you have been conducting lame polls about former members compared to my new bandmates.

Let me remind you:

Comparing James [MacDonough, bajo] to Junior [David Ellefson] . . . James wins. Junior sued me for $18.5 million and lost, dragged me, my band, and family through the mud.

James only wants to rock and please y’all. How could you be so stupid?

Comparing Glen [Drover, guitarra] to Al [Pitrelli] . . . Glen wins. Al was good, very good in fact, but his heart was elsewhere. And I have seen Al purposely sign his name over my face on albums and photos, talk poorly about me when I have gone out of my way to say how good he was.

Comparing Glen [Drover] to Marty [Friedman] . . . Glen wins. Marty quit to be a guitarist for a chick in Japan and play pop, he wears kimonos, and high heel platform shoes now. I told him after Risk that we had to go back to our roots and play metal and he quit.

Comparing Glen [Drover] to Jeff [Young] . . . Glen wins. Jeff was a great guitarist but was disinteresed in matching previous guitar solos by Chris [Poland], and he alledgedly hit on Diana (la novia de Mustaine por esa época). Jeff was also much more suited to do his own thing and in a different type of music.

Comparing Glen [Drover] to Chris [Poland] . . . Glen wins. Chris plays jazz, always has, and never played the same solo two nights in a row. I must say that Glen borderline worships Chris though.

Glen only wants to rock and please y’all. How could you be so stupid?

Comparing Shawn [Drover, batería] to Jimmy [DeGrasso] . . . Shawn wins. Jimmy was not very happy around Megadeth, and that made it hard to be around him. Compare any studio album to Rude Awakening and you will see he did not care to play the songs the way they were recorded.

Comparing Shawn [Drover] to Nick [Menza] . . . Shawn wins. I tried to work things out again with Nick but he is not here for a reason; he was sent home becuase he was not prepared and he can’t play Megadeth songs anymore.

Comparing Shawn [Drover] to Gar [Samuelson] . . . now this is hard, and I will say it’s a tie. They are both fantastic.

Otherwise Shawn only wants to rock and please y’all. How could you be so stupid?

And although this does not apply to everyone, you offend me when you post polls on my site about who wants to see who back in Megadeth.

These are my boys, love ‘em or leave.

And I am not kidding.

Y dos…

Some people just don’t get it!


Just for clarification… this is my site. You are offending my boys. Now you tell me you don’t agree with me defending my guys?

Bye-bye! There will be plenty of vacation time for you to think about it.

And while you’re at it, get in a band and once you have accomplished what these guys have and then have people talk garbage about you, then, and only then will I consider your opinion.

This place is one of the best places in all of cyberspace. You know why? Because we are fair, we treat people right, we tolerate a myriad of BS.

I am fed up with this and it is over. You don’t like it? Go someplace else. And you will go someplace else because you will be banned immediately if you have a problem with how I feel about the incessant insults from pukes who don’t know these guys, who have never seen them live, and ARE TOO FRIGGING STUPID TO KNOW THAT I WAS HERE TO SEE WHAT THESE OTHER GUYS DID AND YOU WERE NOT!

No one is without guilt and you of all people should know that I copped to making mistakes over the years, but I will not put up with this crap.

End of story. I can just shut the whole site down, I don’t give a shit!

Me parece todo muy triste. No puedo evitar acordarme de Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, por la motivación que mueve a los protagonistas para impedir la película basada en sus personas. ¿Seré el único que aprecia dicha similitud?


Gracias a Alfonso he «encontrado» el cartel de la última actuación pública de los Crazy Puppets hasta la fecha, cortesía de LetterJames:

Para los que tengan curiosidad, a continuación, una foto de la susodicha actuación (pinchar para ver imagen en grande), ésta cortesía de la hermana de Arnau:

De izquierda a derecha:

  • Pas en la guitarra
  • Arnau cantando
  • Alguien en la batería (ahora no me acuerdo :P)
  • Jaime con mallas y a lo bajo
  • Carlos con su guitarra

Seguramente los más perspicaces se habrán percatado que lo que se le ve a Jaime entre las piernas es… una discusión técnica entre dos miembros de RAW :D.



SE BUSCA sobrero de copa, basado en diseño del siglo XIX. Su dueño (antiguo guitarrista de Guns N’ Roses y Slash’s Snakepit [wiki], ahora en Velvet Revolver [wiki]) asegura haberlo visto por última vez en la limusina que le condujo a la presentación de los premios Grammy [wiki], el pasado día 13 de Febrero. Su mujer, que le acompañó en el trayecto, afirma haber perdido misteriosamente en el mismo vehículo algunos objetos personales que llevaba en el bolso. El afectado ha utilizado de forma regular el sombrero durante los últimos 15 años, y ruega a quien lo haya «encontrado» que lo devuelva, sin necesidad de dar explicaciones.


Como es sabido, Bruce Dickinson [wiki], cantante de Iron Maiden [wiki], es piloto comercial. Aprovechando dicho estatus, los Maiden organizarán un vuelo a Reykjavik, pilotado por el propio Bruce, para asistir a la actuación del grupo.

MaidenFans.com recoge la noticia anunciada por el webmaster de la página oficial de los Maiden, Skunk, en sus foros:

We are in the process of trying to plan another Special Bruce Air trip this summer to the show in Rekyavik, Iceland on Tuesday June 7th. However before we go ahead and start putting the pieces into place we need to get a clear idea of numbers.

Simply post below this sticky with your name and number of tickets you would require.

Please DO NOT post a response unless you have a very strong intention of purchasing a ticket. If you post with no intention of going it may make the trip impossible for others. If you have any other questions there will be a seperate thread for this purpose and we will try and answer as many questions as we can about this trip.

Cost would be approximately £300 per person.

The cost would include –

Return flight from/to Gatwick inclusive of airport taxes,etc.
Ground Transport from/to Airport in Iceland and Venue
Standing Iron Maiden ticket
On both flights and at the airport photo’s will be available with Bruce and 2/3 pieces of personal memorabilia will be signed.

The Rough Itinerary for the day – Tuesday 7th/Wednesday 8th –
Check in Gatwick 7.45am
Flight 666 – Boeing 757 – Leaves Gatwick Airport 9.45am
Arrival at Keflavik Airport, Iceland – Approx 11.15am
Transport to Rekyavik (with possible Blue Lagoon excursion if requested/required (extra cost TBA))
Show will start approximately 8.00pm – finish around 11pm.
Transport from Venue to Airport – leaves 12.30am
Departure back to Gatwick – approx 1.45am
Arrival at Gatwick – Approx 5.00am
All tubes / trains and buses are fully operational at this time.

Bruce says, «I had such a blast on the Dublin trip on the last tour, and I was sorry that we didn’t have the chance to open the trip up to more people earlier. Iceland is a great place and a terrific party town. Mind you, I’ll be on the mineral waters if I’m flying the plane.

Folks… we have a 757, we have a gig in Iceland, the tickets are held, the inflight entertainment is rocking, and you’ll be up in eternal light on June 7th…thats a Tuesday. The plot is to go out am on the 7th, get there 11ish local, and have all day to hang/blue lagoon it/imbibe whatever, followed by Iron maiden indoors at around 8 ish. Tix will be very close up and personal and post gig bash in downtown excellent Irish Pub. Leave for airport at 12.30 am in broad daylight and back in Gatwick for around 4.30 ish when trains and tubes are running to get you home. Thats the plot.

All we need are names to get numbers and then we can price it exactly. The price is estimated at between £250-£300 including Ticket, flight, all taxes and transport Kef to Reykavik. Once we get an idea of the interest then I can proceed with further negotiations!
Muggins here will be on the pointy end and I wouldn’t be surprised if we have at least 3 captains on the flight deck as well!!
I’m hoping to sort out a chunk to put into the Prune fund if all goes well.

La página donde uno puede apuntar su nombre está aquí, y en esta otra página se pueden hacer preguntas respecto al viaje.