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A pesar de la diligencia y efectividad con la que se han solucionado los problemas del servidor de euri, el tiempo que ha estado fuera de comisión casi hace que se me pase la siguiente noticia de la semana pasada:

Aparentemente la nueva obra de los suecos Dark Tranquillity [wiki] ya está grabada y en proceso de post-producción, de acuerdo con Blabbermouth:

DARK TRANQUILLITY Finishes Recording New Album

Vocalist Mikael Stanne of the Swedish melodic death metallers DARK TRANQUILLITY has issued the following update:

«I can’t believe it… We made it! It’s done and there is nothing I can do about it.

«Just got back from the studio where everything is now shipped off to Denmark where Tue Madsen will perform his magicky magic on the things we’ve been working on these last 7 weeks. I just finished the last vocal lines a couple of days ago and it feels sweet.

«As always with recordings, there is alot of stress and self-doubt, but being in a more than familiar environment in Martin‘s [Henriksson, guitar] studio (Rogue) has helped tremendously. The recordings have not only been smooth and focused but the overall feeling that we are creating something amazing has really driven us through this. It turned out so different and diverse that the hardest thing for me now is to find a suitable title for the whole thing. How can I sum up in a title something that is everything and nothing, grounded and out there, intorvert and extra-terrestial all at the same time?

«Welll, keep watching this space and I will let you know soon enough.

«Right now I am just so glad it’s done. Anders [Jivarp, drums] did a fantastic job grinding and beating (off) in the studio, Micke [Michael Nicklasson] has delivered some really crushing bass, Martin and Niklas [Sundin, guitar] have really outdone themselves with great riffs and truly outstanding solos and Martin B [Brändström, electronics] has poured a lot of misery and anxiety into his soundscapes. Now all we do is wait for the mix, and this being our first time mixing out of house so to speak we are really excited to hear what the hell we’ve been up to!»

¿Y la gira para cuando? :)

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