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Ese es el nombre del próximo disco de Annihilator [wiki]. Y atención a los colaboradores:

New ANNIHILATOR CD To Feature Guest Appearances By LAMB OF GOD, IN FLAMES, ARCH ENEMY Members

Canadian thrashers ANNIHILATOR have revealed the complete track listing for their new album, «Metal», due in Europe on April 16 via SPV Records. The CD’s ten new tracks were recorded by Jeff Waters (guitar, bass and lead vocals on one song), drum legend Mike Mangini and Dave Padden (long-time vocalist and touring guitarist/vocalist). «Metal» also features sensational performances by some of metal’s finest players and ANNIHILATOR‘s good friends, like Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM), Danko Jones (DANKO JONES), Michael Amott and Angela Gossow (ARCH ENEMY), Corey Beaulieu (TRIVIUM), William Adler (LAMB OF GOD), Jeff Loomis (NEVERMORE), Jesper Strömblad (IN FLAMES), Steve «Lips» Kudlow (ANVIL), Anders Björler (THE HAUNTED), Jacob Lynam (LYNAM) and more.

In view of these impressive omens, one should tend to believe Waters when he states: «‘Metal’ is going to be known as one of the coolest guitar albums out there but this is also one of the best-written records in my career; something that you can never achieve if you try? it just happens!»

Jeff Waters on the straightforward and unambiguous album title, «Metal»: «The new album reminds me of the first four ANNIHILATOR records. It’s then tempting to think that I’m looking back artistically, when the opposite happens to be the case. But it’s a fact that I composed the new material the same way I went about the early ANNIHILATOR tracks. This record combines many of the diverse styles you will find in metal music done our way. ANNIHILATOR metal.»

April will see ANNIHILATOR embark on a major European tour as TRIVIUM‘s very special guests, playing over 40 shows into June in countries such as Germany, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Italy and France and then summer festival shows to follow.

«Metal» will be released April 11 in Japan (King Records), April 12 in Australia/New Zealand (World Riot Distributors), April 13 in Germany (SPV Records) and on April 16 in the rest of Europe (SPV Records).

«Metal» track listing:

  1. Clown Parade (feat. Jeff Loomis)
  2. Couple Suicide (feat. Danko Jones and Angela Gossow)
  3. Army Of One (feat. Steve «Lips» Kudlow)
  4. Downright Dominate (feat. Alexi Laiho)
  5. Smothered (feat. Anders Björler)
  6. Operation Annihilation (feat. Michael Amott)
  7. Haunted (feat. Jesper Strömblad)
  8. Kicked (feat. Corey Beaulieu)
  9. Detonation (feat. Jacob Lynam)
  10. Chasing The High (feat. William Adler)

De todo esto sólo hay una cosa que realmente me chirría: Trivium [wiki]. Que haya una colaboración de Beaulieu pase, pero que Annihilator sean los teloneros de Trivium en la gira de estos me parece humillante. Y que conste que no tengo nada en contra de Trivium… bueno, miento, no me gustan NADA (pero sólo es mi gusto particular).

Por otro lado resulta curioso ver a Jeff Loomis de Nevermore [wiki] participando en este disco, después del intercambio de declaraciones que hubo hace un añito o así entre él y Waters. Es bueno ver que no hay mala sangre entre ambos.

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    Mientras Dave Padden siga como vocalista, Annihilator irá directo a la perdición. Que regresen a Joe Comeau y se dediquen a hacer el trash agresivo y potente al que nos tenían acostumbrados.
    Tal parece que a Jeff Waters se le acabó la creatividad.