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Los mencioné hace unos 3 meses, y ya tengo ganas de ver lo que hacen Fernando y Alicia con «Tamacun» [03m23s]. Por otro lado, parece que cada vez tienen mayor reconocimiento:

Alex Jams With Rodrigo Y Gabriela At New York´s Webster Hall

Last Monday, the amazing guitar duo Rodrigo Y Gabriela invited me to be their special guest at their sold out show at Webster Hall in NYC. It was an honor and a real treat for me. Anytime someone is influenced by your guitar playing, it is touching, but when I see what they have done with it, I am blown away. They sound like several musicians at once and have the power of a full rock band. Rodrigo’s playing is on a level of my favorite work by Al Di Meola, who was a big early influence of mine that opened me up to jazz and world music. Gabriela has developed a rhythm style that is one of the most unique I’ve heard, at times sounding like an Afro-Cuban conga player, middle eastern frame drummer or Indian tabla player while playing chords at the same time. Together they have created a whole new sound that combines the energy of metal with the grace of Spanish guitar. It is exciting to see it connecting to so many people worldwide, via sold out tours and appearances on David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel etc…They are warm, special people. We hung out for a lot of time before the show, and it feels as if I’ve known them for a long time. I look forward  to hanging/playing with them again. For more info on them, please visit their website www.rodgab.com,  and MySpace page, www.myspace.com/rodrigoygabriela.

El «Alex» de la noticia no es ni más ni menos que Alex Skolnick (en caso de duda consulte con la Wikipedia) y creo que sus halagos son más que justificados.

Aunque soy bastante reacio a visitar páginas de MySpace, en la del dúo de guitarristas se puede escuchar la versión de «Orion» de su último disco (que sacaron hace un año), que resulta interesante. En dicho disco incluyeron también una versión del «Stairway to Heaven», de la que hay un video en directo:

Stairway to Heaven live (Rodrigo y Gabriela) []

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