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Una excelente propuesta:

The Associated Press is reporting that the motto of the Norwegian Rock ‘n’ roll Federation could well be «Turn it up!» but the group fears increasing numbers of members might respond to that request with an uncomprehending «What?»

The group plans to distribute 100,000 earplugs at rock concerts, so fans can enjoy the loud music and still hear what’s said after the show.

«We can state, with great concern, that an increasing number of young Norwegians suffer from hearing damage,» the group said Thursday. «This project will put the spotlight on the noise damage sustained by young people in their free time, and encourage concert audiences to take responsibility for their own hearing.»

It said about 500,000 people in this country of 4.6 million people periodically suffer from tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, including 20,000 chronic sufferers.

The campaign, called «Rock against Ringing», is being organized by the rock federation in cooperation with the national association of the hearing impaired, HLF, and has sought government support.

Yo a cualquier concierto (incluidos los propios) ya llevaba mis tapones, pero molaría que me los financiasen. Campañas similares existen y han existido también en Gran Bretaña, por ejemplo. ¿Véis? Si quedarse sin concierto de U2 es bueno para la salud :P.

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    Para la salud no se, para el bolsillo seguro XD