Ni que me hubiesen oido. Sacada del foro oficial del Gigantour (en cuya página principal está mi jeta, afortunadamente bastante tapada), he aquí la aclaración de Mike Portnoy [wiki] sobre lo que señalaba ayer mismo:

This was not done out of anger or spite (although the repeated requests to refrain from spoilers and links for the new album against the band’s wishes were frustrating…)

I chose to do this MAINLY to build anticipation for the big ‘official’ unveiling next week…

I know this leaves many of us ‘homeless’ for a week (including myself) , but maybe we can all spend a final week tending to our lives and families before ‘Octavarium’ takes over all of our lives starting next week!

The lights will be turned back on when the clock strikes zero and I look foward to hearing all of your thoughts then…

Personalmente creo que, si quería darle un poco de «efecto publicitario» al evento, podría haberlo hecho como Jordan Rudess [wiki], poniéndo el polémico contador a la entrada de su web, que seguramente le habría generado muchísima menos prensa negativa. Pero bueno, a lo hecho, pecho… supongo.