Opeth ha publicado en su página web:

We can now reveal the «Ghost reveries» cover, designed by Travis Smith. The album will be out on the 30th of August.


Opeth and Jens Bogren have now finished the recording and mixing of the latest opus «Ghost reveries». The album will be mastered today (June 16th) at the Cutting room facilities in Stockholm. Total running time will be around 65 minutes. Full tracklisting is:

Ghost of perdition, The baying of the hounds, Beneath the mire, Atonement, Reverie/Harlequin forest, Hours of wealth, The grand conjuration, Isolation years

Y para los vagos, aquí la portada:

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    Déjà vu
    El foro oficial de Opeth [wiki] ha sido cerrado debido al filtrado de su último disco, de acuerdo con este post:

    I’ve been informed by Opeth that this forum is now closed due to the leaks, etc. It may reopen once the album is released. Plese d…