El foro oficial de Opeth [wiki] ha sido cerrado debido al filtrado de su último disco, de acuerdo con este post:

I’ve been informed by Opeth that this forum is now closed due to the leaks, etc. It may reopen once the album is released. Plese do not message asking how, why etc. Thanks.

Al parecer Roadrunner Records [wiki] quiere que de momento sólo se pueda escuchar la pista «The Grand Conjuration» a través de la página que han habilitado a tal efecto.

En contraste, tenemos la opinión Alex Webster, bajo de Cannibal Corpse [wiki], que expuso su punto de vista sobre la compartición de música a través de Internet y como les ha afectado a ellos en particular, en una entrevista para Wormwood Chronicles (citada en BlabberMouth.net):

Wormwood Chronicles: What are your thoughts on downloading music for free?

Alex Webster: «It’s another part of how technology is changing the way things are done. I don’t think it really affects a band like us very much, because we don’t sell a lot to begin with. Most of our fans will usually get our stuff anyway, because they like the artwork, but it’s just something else that you have to contend with. I think in the long run it might make it more difficult for people spending a lot of money to make a record, but on the same token when you have the computer programs like ProTools that make it less expensive to make albums, it might not actually be an issue. Record sales will probably drop if people have the option to get things for free. I mean, everybody downloads things, if they can get them, more copies of albums from their friends, you know? It’s just what you do. I did it when I was young, I copied tapes. My friend had an album, I’d make a tape of it, if I didn’t have the money. So I don’t expect anyone to not do that now, when it’s such an easy option ? why not do it, you know? At the same time like I was saying though, the cost of making an album has gone down, because of technology. So even if you’re selling less records, if it costs you less money to make an album, it can kind of even out, I think. It also might have made the whole scene a little bit bigger. People have the ability to try something out before they buy it. That was something that you didn’t have. I used to buy albums based on if the dude in the band was wearing a Kreator or D.R.I. shirt, then I knew the band would be good. You know what I mean? (Laughs) Nowadays you can go to a web site if you hear about a band, and listen to a free download or whatever, and make a decision on if it’s something you want to buy. It hasn’t been the negative effect that people think it is. We do better business now, not sales wise, but for tours and stuff. Everything has been better over the last 3-4 years, which is when the whole downloading thing took off. So it hasn’t hurt us.»