Esto no es como el par de fotitos que puso ayer bisho en su blog:

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson joined VELVET REVOLVER onstage during their appearance at Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday (Sept. 6) for a rendition of LED ZEPPELIN’s «Rock and Roll». VELVET REVOLVER’s concert at Hard Rock Live was a benefit for victims of 2005 hurricanes, including Katrina. [Más fotos en Abaca Press.]

Y, en relación con Brian Johnson, AC/DC Ruff Stuff cita una declaración de Angus Young reafirmando la posibilidad, apuntada hace ya unos meses por Johnson, de que el próximo disco de AC/DC [wiki] sea uno doble:

Angus Young told the HIT PARADER magazine that AC/DC has written and recorded so much material over the last year that they might seriously consider making their next album release a double disc.

-We do have a lot of songs at the moment. But that’s not incredibly unusual for us. We tend to have a lot of material at some point in the recording process, then begin to whittle it down. But this time, we like a lot of what we’re hearing, so the idea of expanding things out is not out of the realm of possibility, Young said.