Vía Harmony Central:

Audiotech Conjures Up the WMP-1 Wicked Metal Pedal

September 15, 2005

Coming soon from Audiotech is WMP-1 Wicked Metal Pedal. The WMP-1 will produce extreme over the top distortion tones according to the company, tailored toward rock and metal players. The WMP-1 can be used as a stand alone unit in front of any clean amp or run into a dirty amp to achieve maximum gain.

«With our new WMP-1, metal players will have access to some real screaming distortion tones that are normally only found in an amp head or rack mount pre-amp these days, not so much a compact pedal and it’s a metal pedal that will not be modeled after any particular artist, so players can adjust and find their own signature sound«, says president and chief engineer Eric Roberts. He adds, «Metal players will be able to dial in a whole palette of tones, it’ll also sport our new antique bone skull knobs, giving it a great metal look and adding to the theme of the pedal«.

Controls include «Resurrect» for level, «Torture» for tone and «Scream» for dialing in a more intense distortion. Designed to be rugged and road worthy, the WMP-1 is housed in a heavy-duty cast aluminum enclosure. It features True Bypass switching. One 9V battery is required.

It also comes with Audiotech’s standard two-year warranty and will retail for $249.95 the company is shooting for a late 05/early 06 release.

For more information, visit their web site at www.audiotechusa.com.

La idea tiene su gracia, aunque no parece tener salida para alimentación externa (lo cual, para un pedal «road worthy» me parece absurdo), y el precio me parece más basado en el diseño que en prestaciones. Tendría que probarlo para poder opinar, así que estaré atento por si lo veo en alguna tienda.