Un poco de «historia», sacada de los foros oficiales de Annihilator:

October 4, 2005

*****Annihilator’s Jeff Waters on Dave Mustaine, old and new Megadeth rumors, Gigantour and the Symphony of Destruction video leak:

Well since I’m still getting hounded by these really old Megadeth questions and rumors, I shall gladly oblige and set the records straight!

I was a Megadeth fan right from the start. Killing, Peace Sells, Rust and Countdown rule. So does Dave. Back in 1989, when Annihilator’s 1st cd «Alice In Hell» was out, we touring with Testament, throughout the USA/CAN. Chuck (Billy) walked through the door of my hotel room one night and told me «Mustaine is on the phone for you». I thought he was kidding. He wasn’t. I remember Dave asking me to learn the B side of «Peace Sells» and that he would consider letting Megadeth re-record the song Crystal Ann (a little classical guitar piece of mine that opened the «Alice» record). I told him that it was an honor to be asked my him to audition but that I had my own things happening. (my first record, good deal with Roadrunner Records, I was in the middle of touring, etc…) Besides, he obviously made the best choice for Megadeth in Marty Friedman.

Never spoke with Dave again for 14 years.

Back when Dave was recording his most-recent cd, I’d sent Dave a note that I had used his ESP guitars (killer V guitars they make!) to record my most-recent Annihilator cd. Dave and I emailed a few times and he later mentioned that he was looking for a touring guitarist. After some good talks with Dave, we talked about me joining Megadeth. I think things happen for a reason anyway; Annihilator’s sales and popularity have been climbing in recent years and things are going really well for me and the band . So being a hired touring guitarist is cool but when you have your own, well-established band, it would not be a simple matter to just drop it, to be a hired gun. So again the right guy for Dave got the job! And again, on my new cd «Schizo Deluxe», I use an all-Mustaine/ESP V guitar line-up. Some have asked me why no «Jeff Waters» model when I have an endorsement? I reply «no need and no reason; I am happy with the one’s i have!» I have a pretty good guitar collection from over the years but I would much rather have a «KK Downing ESP V» than a Waters one!!

The video going around with me playing the Symphony of Destruction solo was posted by a friend of mine (who is a annia-mega-freak); not exactly with my permission but it’s out now and he meant no harm (gotta love the internet!). It was something I sent old DM when he was wondering if I could «handle» the Marty stuff; not as great, of course, as the man himself’s version on the record, but darn close and alot of fun to learn (hey, I learned and played this in barely an hour and a half!). Friedman is a great player and the Symphony of Destruction solo was one of those rare moments where lead guitar speed, technique and melody, meet, all in one perfect solo. It is posted it here at www.annihilatormetal.com/watersvideo for anyone who might want to see this quick vid.

As to the Gigantour rumors, yes Dave asked me if Annihilator would come along but I had a commitment to my label to finish my cd and my band was not ready.

So Dave and I have kept in touch each month or so and have talked about about putting something together, someday; this would surely be some real ass-kickin heavy metal.

Schizo Deluxe, the band’s 11th studio cd and 19th official recording, is scheduled for worldwide release: Japan (Marquee Inc.) on October 21, November 8 in the USA (Locomotive/Warner) / Canada (PHD) and in Europe (AFM Records) on November 14.