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STATUS QUO guitarist RICK PARFITT misses the days when the entire band use to masturbate together on one big bed – as it formed a special camaraderie between the rockers.

The SWEET CAROLINE star insists collective episodes of self-pleasuring was de rigeur in the 1970s, although he admits such antics would be frowned upon by todays’ clean-cut chart-toppers.

He recalls, «We’d project pornos onto the side of a white building. And we’d just lie there on the bed, collectively w**king.

«It didn’t help when you were in your vinegar strokes if someone told you a joke.

«But that’s part of being mates in a rock band. Well, it was in those days. I don’t know if people do it now. It might be a bit uncool.»

03/10/2005 17:15