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TRIVIUM Frontman: ‘I Wouldn’t Dare Throw Anything At IRON MAIDEN’

In the latest issue of Metal Hammer, TRIVIUM‘s Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu discuss the Ozzfest debacle in San Bernardino which culminated in IRON MAIDEN being pelted with eggs while performing and Sharon Osbourne publicly berating the group’s lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, as «a prick.»

When TRIVIUM played in Albuquerque following the San Bernardino incident, all the bandmembers wore IRON MAIDEN shirts. It was their way of making a point. «All the bands and all the crews knew what we were trying to say,» Heafy stated.

«There were gangs of people from the bands on the second stage [where TRIVIUM also performed] trying to recruit people to throw eggs at MAIDEN. Man, I wouldn’t dare throw anything at MAIDEN, not even money. I watched them from right at the front at one show and I did everything, every gesture, that Bruce asked of the crowd. I was too afraid not to. That’s how commanding that band are, that’s the kind of presence they have. And people want me to throw eggs at them? Fuck off!»

«You should have seen those people down the front throwing shit,» added Beaulieu. «It was disgusting. I mean, Kelly Osbourne was there, and she was throwing eggs. Then I read that she said she was in London. She’s a fucking liar. She wasn’t in London, she was right there throwing shit. She couldn’t even take any responsibility for what she’d done.»

«And when we wore the MAIDEN shirts in Albuquerque, Big Dave [the PA announcer who yelled ‘Ozzy! Ozzy!’ over the PA during IRON MAIDEN‘s intro tape] just walked past us and lowered his eyes,» said Heafy. «But we had to do what we had to do. We felt we had to take a stand.»