Un poco de humor para comenzar la semana, cortesía de Tobias Sammet de Edguy [wiki]:


Against certain rumors and speculations Tobias Sammet has not undergone a sex change operation yet: ?Of course after the success of Nightwish, Within Temptation & Evanescence we sat down to discuss what kind of sacrifice we?d have to make to hit big time with this new album. In time of female vocal domination we came to the conclusion that it?s the penis that stands in our way. I mean ? literally of course! That being said, to avoid any rumors: if it?s gonna happen I?d become a lesbian woman. In case this trend is gone and we?re too late, our drummer Felix considers to join me to the operating room and become a cockatoo. Though we talked him into believing that cockatooed drummered bands are gonna be the next big thing it?s not for business reasons. Felix discovered his cockatooish side just when reaching puberty. Ever since he?s felt like having been born in the wrong shell. He?s more that cockatoo kind of guy, you all know what I mean. Whatever, in case all this won?t work, we just recorded the most ambitious Edguy album so far ? just to be on the safe side. It?s the most diversified stuff and we?ll post the songtitles soon. The first press reactions are superb and I feel not playing it close to the chest was the best thing we could have done. It?s still Edguy at any second, it?s funny here and melancholic there, fast and slow and really diversified. You?ll hear ?ROCKET RIDE? on January, 20th. And the first part of the tour is booked too. Tickets are gonna be available early next week, watch out for some real big entertaining HM-party. See you all and stay Metal. You are the best.?

Para los que tengan ganas de verlos en directo, actuarán en España en las siguientes fechas:


Feb 9 (E) MADRID, Aqualung
Feb 11 (E) BERGARA, Sala Jam
Feb 12 (E) BARCELONA, Razzmatazz 2

A modo de curiosidad, un día después de publicar esta «noticia», Tuomas Holopainen, el teclista y compositor del material de Nightwish, publicó una carta abierta a Tarja Turunen en la página web oficial del grupo, comunicando el despido de la vocalista. Dado que la única canción que me gusta de este grupo es la versión de «Over the Hills and Far Away» de Gary Moore [wiki] (me recuerda a la original) tampoco me va a quitar el sueño.