Como apuntaba ayer, Lemmy Kilmister, fundador y motor de Motörhead [wiki], se dirigió a la asamblea de Gales en un discurso sobre las drogas. Siendo popular su aversión por la heroina, no resulta sorprendente su postura respecto a esta sustancia:

Lemmy tells Tories: legalise heroin
Nov 3 2005
By Daniel Davies

Heavy metal hellraiser Lemmy used a Tory Party platform to advocate legalising heroin today.

The Motorhead frontman was invited to the Welsh Assembly to give his ?message? on drugs by Tory AM William Graham.

Pin-striped Mr Graham, AM for South Wales East, said he had been moved by Lemmy?s account on a Channel 4 documentary of how heroin abuse wrecked lives.

Lemmy, real name Ian Kilminster, said the only way to tackle ?the single most destructive drug in the world? was to legalise it.

?I have never had heroin but since I moved to London from north Wales in ?67 I have mixed with junkies on a casual and almost daily basis,? he said.

?I also lived with a young woman who tried heroin just to see what it was like. It killed her three years later.

?I hate the idea even as I say it, but I do believe the only way to treat heroin is to legalise it.?

He said legalising the drug would wipe out dealers and stop criminalising young people.

Its sale would generate tax revenue, ?which I am sure would appeal to you all?, he told the crowd of politicians and their staff in the Assembly?s milling area.

Lemmy, who grew up on Anglesey, north Wales, said the problem of heroin was a «contagion» and «junkies who don’t die become Typhoid Marys spreading the infection«.

?If it were legal and on a prescription, then at least two-thirds of the dealers would disappear, you would have records of who was and wasn?t using it.?

If you send a young heroin user to prison he will ?certainly be a criminal when he comes out?.

?Probably, they will also be brutally sodomised by long-term prisoners and polarised against society in general, and force of law in particular.?

Reading from a pre-written speech, he went on: ?You have tried heavier and heavier policing ? it hasn?t worked has it?

?Know why? It?s because you cannot keep people from doing what makes them feel good.

?If a junkie has a regular supply of heroin, most are quite able to do a job.

?They will never rehabilitate until somebody ? you ? gives them a chance to.?

However the singer refused to comment on other drugs. Despite boasting in interviews of his tolerance for Jack Daniels, he would only answer questions about heroin.

?Heroin is the only one I have seen anybody die of,? he said

?You have tried everything else and it hasn?t worked.?

Asked if he agreed with the rocker, Mr Graham said: ?Lemmy has an alternative solution to the one presently being tried. The message is against drugs.?

Afterwards a Conservative spokesman stressed the party did not share Lemmy?s policy.

?It was Lemmy who made the comment,? he said.

Aunque su postura parece razonable, no creo que el asunto sea tan simple, ni la posible solución tan efectiva. Con todo, me parece positiva la aportación de ideas y puntos de vista razonados y civilizados sobre problemas como estos.

Y lo que me resulta más gratificante: ver a gente involucrada en la política de un partido (y no sólo los políticos de «carrera») trayendo a un debate ideas que no coinciden necesariamente con la visión dogmática de dicho partido concreto, en pro de una compresión más amplia del problema planteado. En este caso, aunque los conservadores señalan claramente la diferencia entre el razonamiento de Lemmy y su postura, son capaces de invitarle a hablar libremente sobre el tema, buscando la mayor concienciación posible del mismo.

Es curioso que ahora mismo no sea capaz de recordar ninguna ocasión en la que algún partido «importante» haya hecho nada ni remotamente parecido. Aquí lo que dice «tu partido» (y, nuevamente, no me refiero exclusivamente a los políticos «profesionales») es lo único que tienes que creer. Como borregos. Y si te quedas sin argumentos, simplemente ataca a los de tu «oponente», ya que resultan igual de vacios que los tuyos. Huele casi a una religión, y no creo que política y religión deban mezclarse demasiado.