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De la página oficial de Edguy [wiki]:

The rumour that Tobias committed suicide is not true of course. Obviously somebody out there made a joke. Tobias is alive and well: ?Wow, you turn your computer on, surf the internet and find out that you?re dead before you even realize it yourself. I just felt a little cold and wondered why people around seemed to not pay attention to me anymore. But I?d never thought in a million years that it?s THAT serious. However, I am alive and well and it?s only the second time this year that people think I?m dead. If I had died I would let you know, don?t worry. See you on tour?

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    Eso es porque a la peña le va mas el marujeo que la música, en fin… que triste. Larga vida al bueno del Toby que es un músico como la copa de un pino.