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MARILYN MANSON Confirms Tentative Plans For Unisex Fragrance, Cosmetics Lines – Nov. 9, 2005

MARILYN MANSON has confirmed to MTV.com that he has tentative plans to lend his name to a commercial fragrance.

«In the sense that absurdity is a wonderful form of communication ? as is confusion and other things that surround it ? it’s very possible that [the fragrance] could happen,» Manson said. «If it does happen, just know that I’ll be laughing. That doesn’t mean I’m not taking it seriously, but if I had to make a cologne or a fragrance, I would make something that would be for men and women.»

Manson wouldn’t confirm whether his hinted-at cosmetics line ? something he was also asked about in the interview ? is indeed a real project he’s involved with («I’m not allowed to say,» he cracked), but he did say that «there are people who are very interested, and it’s a matter of seeing what happens. I just really have to see what it all entails, because right now, it was just an idea proposed to me ? very enthusiastically proposed. I’m open-minded.»

But launching a «cosmetics line is something I’ve always wanted to [do], purely because I wear makeup every day. I wanted to make something of my own for myself and I thought, being that probably I’m the most thought-of male makeup wearer these days aside from TV newscasters, it just seemed like it would make people feel OK to wear lipstick if it had a man’s endorsement on it. To me, makeup is just like painting. I have done so many things to my face and to my body with makeup that I feel like it’s something I should be able to allow people to rely on my opinion for.»