La reseña tiene ya una semanita, pero hacía tiempo que no pasaba por Boing Boing:

Barenaked Ladies release album on USB stick

A reader writes, «The Barenaked Ladies are trying out a new method of music delivery: 28 songs, plus video and audio clips and a few live versions, on a 128 mb flash drive. (Link goes to their news page–it seems you can’t get separate articles. Specific content information is from an email sent to fans) They even say the flash drive is an easy way ‘to share music, videos, pictures and other data’–not the kind of sentiment you’d hear from most bands. The content, including the extras, looks like it will be stuff that’s been at least partlly released before–but it’s still a pretty cool idea, even if the execution could be better.»

BARENAKED ON A STICK! … is a USB flash memory drive containing songs, videos, and exclusive content from the Barenaked Ladies, and will go on sale November 22, 2005! Essential for any BNL fan’s collection, the 128mg USB flash memory drive (about the size of your pinky finger) is a fast and easy way to share music, videos, pictures and other data. It is PC/Mac compatible, re-usable and incredibly low priced at $29.98 (close to the same cost of the device on its own with no special content). It will be available on Amazon.com and Werkshop.com (Nettwerk’s online merchandise store), and will also be sold at all BNL shows this winter.

I agree that this is cool, but how many 128MB sticks can you usefully own? I’ve got about ten kicking around now… Link