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Rockpalast 77 DVD *25.11.05*

The Rainbow concert in Munich, Germany, 1977, one of the most eagerly awaited releases ever, is being prepared for official release at last. This is the only known concert by the Blackmore / Powell / Dio incarnation to be filmed in full. It will appear first in Japan, probably as a two single-layer disc NTSC set. Contrary to the impression given in some news sources, it WILL then appear in the rest of the world early in 2006 but as a single disc dual layer release.

The European edition will contain an extra commentary, written by Rainbow biographer Roy Davies, extra packaging, etc. As well as the full concert (including guitar demolition and some great shots of the famous electronic rainbow), there are interviews, extra Rainbow promos etc. This show has been bootlegged extensively in a number of formats, but this new release will be pristine quality with remastered audio etc. Those who have seen the test copy say its excellent. For those who never saw Rainbow in their early days, a real treat. For those who did, a reminder of what an awesome band they were at the time. More detail as we get it.

You can pre-order this now at dpas mail order, (search with the title ‘Rockpalast 77’)


El concierto con la mejor versión de «Man On The Silver Mountain» que se haya tocado jamás. Imprescindible.