Sacado del último número de Guitar World:

Zacky Vengeance (AVENGED SEVENFOLD): I fucking loved «St. Anger». It seemed like you went back to your roots, said «Fuck you!» and did something totally different. And though I can see that dropping the solos was part of that attitude, I do miss them. When you record your next album, are you gonna throw some solos back on it?

Kirk Hammett: «For the next album, Lars is going to be sitting there with his snare drum, and I’m going to come in and play a 78-minute guitar solo. Then James is going to scream over it while Rob puts his low end on there. [laughs] Just kidding, man.

En fin, para los que tengan curiosidad, hace ya tiempo posteé el tributo al «St. Anger», resaltando los atributos más significativos del disco de Metallica [wiki]. Y me da a mí que ni con sólos arreglan un disco así. En todo caso conozco gente a la que le gusta, así que algo tendrá.

Para quien quiera leer más de la entrevista, Blabbermouth ha posteado un extracto de la misma.