ANNIHILATOR: ‘Ten Years In Hell’ Double-Disc DVD Due In February

Long-running Canadian thrash legends ANNIHILATOR will be issuing a retrospective double-disc DVD set, entitled «Ten Years in Hell», on February 21, 2006 (one day earlier internationally) via SPV. The set contains seven classic, official ANNIHILATOR music videos, offstage band footage and bonus underground, fan-shot, live performances and a special interview with ANNIHILATOR founder and guitarist Jeff Waters as he recounts his memories of the band’s first ten years in Hell. Also included are special appearances by original co-lyricist John Bates, «Neverland» frontman Coburn Pharr, «Criteria» bassist Russell Bergquist, and «Set the World on Fire»‘s Mike Mangini and Neil Goldberg. Check out a DVD trailer at this location (Windows Media).

«Ten Years in Hell» track listing:

DVD 1:

  1. Intro
  2. Alison Hell
  3. Release Party
  4. TV Media One
  5. Stonewall
  6. TV Media Two
  7. TV Media Three
  8. Backstage
  9. Fun Palace LIVE
  10. TV Media Four
  11. Set The World On Fire
  12. KOTK back vocals
  13. King Of The Kill
  14. Jeff In Japan
  15. 21
  16. Only Be Lonely
  17. Syn. Kill 1
  18. Criteria Rehearsal
  19. Alison / Homicide
  20. Oh Canada
  21. Ultraparanoia
  22. Pharr LIVE
  23. Rampage Raw
  24. End Credits

Running Time: approx. 120 minutes

DVD 2:

  1. Pre Annihilator era
  2. Demo Days
  3. Alice In Hell
  4. Never, Neverland
  5. Set The World On Fire
  6. King Of The Kill
  7. Refresh & Remains
  8. Criteria
  9. Other releases
  10. Catch ya later
  11. Mike Mangini
  12. Neil Goldberg

Running Time: approx. 110 minutes

Otro pa’ la saca.