Hoy hace 4 años de la muerte de Chuck Schuldiner (Death / Control Denied) a causa de un tumor cerebral. La página de tributo EmptyWords.org ha puesto a disposición del público general un par de golosinas:

[…] we have today, December 13th 2005, on the 4th anniversary of Chuck?s passing, a video interview with Chuck & Gene on our downloads page (thanks Luca). Although it is quite a big file, we think it?s definitely worth the download time. Maybe this is a good time to finally get yourself that hi-speed connection you were thinking about for so long? who knows. Anyway, the video, from MTV?s Headbangers Ball, was taped at Amsterdam?s Paradiso and dates back to early ?95.

Second we have something very, very special too: the lost and last issue of The Metal Crusade (vol. 2 nr. 6). Digging out Chuck?s office together with Jane, we found this one, which we didn’t even know existed. Very special. And like the other Crusades, it’s again very funny with the difference that most of it was written by Chuck himself, and that this issue was never released? until now.

Como ya comenté hace un año, Diciembre no es un buen mes para los músicos.