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Pequeño descubrimiento para aquellos con tiempo-para, gusto-por y ganas-de cacharrear:

Welcome to AX84TM – The Cooperative Tube Guitar Amp Project.

The AX84TM Project was originally started with these goals:
* Design and build a simple tube guitar amplifier
* Make information available and understandable to beginning DIY’ers
* Promote an atmosphere of learning and camaraderie between folks who know and folks who want to know.

We’ve been very successful, with a variety of projects for builders of all skill levels and a thriving discussion forum. This has only occurred through the participation of people from around the world.
Please feel free to browse the site and become aquainted with the project. If you have ideas for something that is not underway, feel free to post a forum message or send feedback.

This is an open project!

For information about using the AX84 trademark, project names and designs, click here

The AX84.com Project is made possible in part by Doberman Music Products, LLC which offers parts-paks, barebones amps and completed all-tube guitar amplifiers. Please check ‘em out and help support the project.

También existen soluciones más compactas (vista en MakeZine). Para acabar con el aburrimiento.

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