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Levi’s to ship iPod jeans

Levi’s will ship a pair of jeans engineered to hold an iPod and a special controller without a telltale bulge and with easier access to the controls.

Levi’s wanted to get in on the Apple mania of MacWorld week and announced their new RedWire DLX jeans, which will have an iPod dock and controller joystick built into the pockets. The dock is hidden in a side pocket which is supposed to be almost «invisible» so there is no telltale iPod bulge. The iPod is attached through a wire which will let the wearer pull out the iPod for viewing the screen, without losing the dock connection. Another pocket will house the four-way control joystick for track and volume control without removing the iPod from your pocket. There is also built-in cord control through the retractable headphone unit. Levi’s says the «minimalist design» of the jean controls will match the classic white iPod. No pricing announced but the jeans will be available in Fall 2006.


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