El DVD de la última gira de Iron Maiden [wiki], «Death On The Road», presenta problemas, detectados el mismo día de su lanzamiento comercial, que ya fue retrasado en ocasiones anteriores con el pretexto de conseguir el producto de la mejor calidad posible. Recogido en MaidenFans:

Death on the Road DVD Problems

Well despite a massive wait for the Death on the Road DVD, it appears the DVD is now FAULTY and many users are reporting the disk crashing and showing visible picture quality problems. This was posted by gor on the official forum:

It’s quite sad to say, but don’t buy Death On The Road dvd until there is correct version available. The most worst thing is, that dvd might work in you dvd player, but when you put it into another dvd player you will notice problems.

Current problems Strereo disc:
– Problems with picture quality after or during the Brave New World

Current problems 5.1 disc:
– Some people have got problems with sound levels.

We are yet to hear if there will be a re-release of this DVD to fix these issues or how widespread they are but either way it’s pretty shocking considering the amount of time that has been spent to get the quality just right.

If you have bought the DVD and experience problems you should be able to return it to your store for a full refund.

Sources: Official Forum