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Xeni on ABC World News Tonight: billionth iTunes download

I’ll be a guest on ABC World News Tonight this evening for a segment on the significance of a milestone for Apple’s iTunes Music Store: the one billionth song was purchased and downloaded today. Will the success of iTMS and Apple’s iPod foster a more competitive digital music marketplace, with more choice for music fans? Or should consumers brace themselves for a future in which music and movies are locked up in proprietary, non-interoperable systems that limit our freedom to enjoy tunes we’ve legally obtained? Link to ABC World News homepage, here’s a related news synopsis on the ABC.com site. Here’s a press release from Apple about the billionth download (a Coldplay song, btw).
Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

Reader comment: Jason Schultz says,

Worth noting also that it’s taken Apple about three years to sell a billion songs, which is a drop in the bucket compared to CD sales and especially compared to P2P traffic, even today. So while this is nice for Apple, it’s still not showing signs of replacing the existing music distribution mechanisms.

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