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BRUCE DICKINSON’s ‘Anthology’ DVD: Complete Details Revealed

Sanctuary Visual Entertainment has set a June 20 U.S. release date for the three-disc DVD release of IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson‘s «Anthology» (view artwork here). This is the definitive Dickinson package, and includes over six hours of videos and live performances, and previously unreleased and archive material.

Bruce Dickinson is still the proverbial human whirlwind of activity, having made his mark both as the frontman of the legendary IRON MAIDEN and as a longstanding solo artist, with a catalogue that includes six studio albums of his own plus several concert releases. In addition to his musical talents, Bruce is also well known as a BBC Radio deejay, TV broadcaster, airline pilot, sword-fencing expert, novelist, family man and voice of modern music.

Bruce says: «It’s fantastic to share all of this collection with my fans. These DVDs contain rare material that people either won’t know exists or have been unable to buy. The SAMSON video has changed hands for absurd amounts of money, and although we spent loads of time and had and lots and lots of fun making the promos, and because MTV didn’t show them many of won’t have been seen. It was high time they were all available together in one package.»

DVD Disc 1 is a live performance extravaganza boasting 30 show-stopping tracks, recorded during the ’90s as Bruce forged ahead with his solo career. «Dive Dive Live» was recorded at the Town and Country Club, Los Angeles on the «Tattooed Millionaire» tour on August 14, 1990. This was Bruce‘s first outing as a solo artist with a new band made up of Janick Gers (guitar), Andy Carr (bass) and Dickie Fliszar (drums).

«Dive Dive Live» track listing:

  1. Riding With The Angels
  2. Born In ’58
  3. Lickin’ The Gun
  4. Gypsy Road
  5. Dive Dive Dive
  6. Drum Solo
  7. Zulu Zulu
  8. The Ballad Of Mutt
  9. Son Of A Gun
  10. Hell On Wheels
  11. All The Young Dudes
  12. Tattooed Millionaire
  13. No Lies
  14. Fog On The Tyne
  15. Winds Of Change
  16. Sin City
  17. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter
  18. Black Night

The second live-in-concert performance offered up on Disc 1 was filmed over two sweaty back-to-back dates during the «Skunkworks» tour in Pamplona and Gerona, Spain on May 31 and June 1, 1996. Bruce was fronting a new young band, with a new name, and was joined on stage by Alex Dickson (guitar), Chris Dale (bass) and a certain infamous Italian drummer, Alessandro Elena. Originally created for a four-track video EP release in Japan, this is the hour-long «Skunkworks» concert in full, for the very first time.

«Skunkworks Live» track listing:

  1. Space Race
  2. Back From The Edge
  3. Tattooed Millionaire
  4. Inertia
  5. Faith
  6. Meltdown
  7. I Will Not Accept The Truth
  8. Laughing In The Hiding Bush
  9. Tears Of The Dragon
  10. God’s Not Coming Back
  11. Dreamstate
  12. The Prisoner

DVD Disc 2 keeps the live-in-concert experience alive with rare footage of Bruce performing in Sao Paulo, 1999 during the «Chemical Wedding» world tour. Almost two hours in length, «Scream For Me Brazil» represents Bruce‘s last outing as a true solo artist before rejoining the ranks of MAIDEN shortly afterwards. No official film recording was permitted although this film taken from the crowd screen feeds features highlights of the show which later become a live album of the same name. With a new heavier lineup made up of long time songwriting partner Roy Z (guitar), old MAIDEN partner Adrian Smith and rhythm section of Dave Ingraham (drums) and Eddie Casillas (bass), this «bootleg» documents Bruce at his most intense.

«Scream For Me Brazil» track listing:

  1. King In Crimson
  2. Gates Of Urizen
  3. Killing Floor
  4. Book Of Thel
  5. Tears Of The Dragon
  6. Laughing In The Hiding Bush
  7. Accident Of Birth
  8. The Tower
  9. Darkside Of Aquarius
  10. The Road To Hell

DVD Disc 3 is an extensive collection of promotional videos made during Bruce‘s solo career. From his days at EMI through to his own self-produced videos of recent times, each video is accompanied by a short introduction by Bruce himself, discussing the ideas, concepts and eventual filming behind each of the videos. Each intro provides an interesting insight into Bruce‘s solo career as it progressed and the highlights and pitfalls of producing your own promotional videos.

Alongside the 14 promotional videos, Disc 3 also includes over an hour’s worth of extras. The «Tyranny Of Souls» interview was originally filmed as a general interview for press purposes. This is a track-by-track breakdown of the concept behind the songs on the «Tyranny Of Souls» album, providing more of an in-depth look at the writing methods that Bruce has formed with longtime writing partner Roy Z.

SAMSON ? «Biceps Of Steel»: Bruce made his video debut fronting SAMSON in this rather curious adaptation of the story of Samson and Delilah, filmed at the Rainbow Theatre, London. Filmed and directed by Julien Temple who perhaps was more famous for the SEX PISTOLS movie «The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle», this 15-minute featurette was distributed through-out cinemas as a support feature to Hazel O’ Connor’s «Breaking Glass» in 1980.

Promotional videos:

  1. Tattooed Millionaire
  2. All The Young Dudes
  3. Dive Dive Dive
  4. Born In ’58
  5. Tears Of The Dragon
  6. Shoot All The Clowns
  7. Back From The Edge
  8. Inertia
  9. Accident Of Birth
  10. Road To Hell
  11. Man Of Sorrows
  12. Killing Floor
  13. The Tower
  14. Abduction