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ANNIHILATOR Mainman JEFF WATERS Releases Signature Guitar

Europe’s Ran Guitars have announced a new collaboration with ANNIHILATOR guitar legend Jeff Waters. ANNIHILATOR has been a strong and consistent force in heavy metal since the release of their classic 1989 debut «Alice In Hell». ANNIHILATOR mainman Jeff Waters has been on a short list of players who have stayed true to the metal music they believe in and, in turn, has become one of the most respected guitar «gods» in the world. Jeff Waters chooses Ran Custom Guitars as his (and ANNIHILATOR‘s) weapon of choice.

Says Waters: «Other than having a few V-style guitars made for me in 1989, I’ve never really worried about creating or having my own signature ‘Jeff Waters‘ guitar model. I am a huge fan of metal music and have always enjoyed owning and playing other artist’s models. BUT that was before I tried Ran Custom Guitars. They offered to make me a few guitars, to my exact specifications, to ‘prove’ to me that I should give them serious consideration. What I received was simply the best-playing, best-sounding and evilest-looking guitars I have ever played! Ever. Minimal electronics, a easy-to-fret neck, the best pickups (Seymour Duncan) and it is light. Oh yeah; it looks KILLER, too!!! You get two color options and I wish you good luck in deciding which looks better!

«With ANNIHILATOR‘s music, I need a guitar that is able to play the chunky, ballsy and tight rhythms but also to excel in the area of lead guitar. The Ran Custom Guitars ‘Annihilator’ delivers the best in both lead AND rhythm playing, sound and brings out real clarity in picking.

«Another reason I have been hesitant to sign on with a company to do a ‘Jeff Waters‘ guitar is simply because everyone seems to have one and they are, quite often, cheaply made guitars that sell because of their name. Ran Custom Guitars offered me the opportunity to produce just ONE basic model for everyone and at a reasonable price. Pure quality craftsmanship and performance yet at a price that comes in way lower than the ‘expensive’ versions that many guitarists endorse. I also need to point out the included Kisielewski custom case, another ‘highest-quality’ option that is included, for free, with this Ran Custom Guitars ‘Annihilator’.

«Enjoy it. I am very proud to be working with RAN Custom Guitars and this ‘Annihilator’ guitar is simply one of the best all-round metal guitars you can buy, yet at an affordable price.»

See the Ran «Annihilator» Jeff Waters Signature Series, full specs of the guitars and a cool video of Waters himself talking about his new Ran Annihilators here.

Como referencia adicional, Ran Guitars son los fabricantes de las guitarras de Vader [wiki].

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