Mike Mangini [wiki] volverá a colaborar con Jeff Waters en el nuevo disco de Annihilator [wiki]. Como mencioné hace unos meses, Mangini fue el batería para «All For You» (como se ve en el video que añadí) y «Set the World on Fire», y tiene una técnica envidiable:

Mike Mangini Solo []

Sólo de batería en «The Ultra Zone Tour» con Steve Vai (04m45s)

La grabación del nuevo disco de Annihilator ha forzado la cancelación de su gira europea, pero se les podrá ver, de forma exclusiva, en el Metal Way Festival, en Gernika y Jerez:

ANNIHILATOR To Play Spain’s METALWAY Festivals In July

Canadian metallers ANNIHILATOR will take a short break from recording their follow-up to 2005’s critically acclaimed «Schizo Deluxe» CD to play both Metalway festivals In Spain on July 28 and July 29.

Commented guitarist Jeff Waters: «Although we had to postpone our summer tour through Europe (our new CD recording was taking longer than expected), our good friends at both Metalway fests in Spain were adamant at bringing ANNIHILATOR in for the two shows. We found a way to take a week off and make it happen; so we will be there! I talked to the guys and we figured, since our upcoming 06/07 touring will contain alot of new material from the latest ANNIHILATOR CDs, we’re gonna load the setlist with some classic ANNIHILATOR tunes.»

«(Dave) Padden [vocals] and I have been locked up in the studio for two weeks now working on guitars and vocals for the new one. He is going to be the first ANNIHILATOR guitarist to play rhythm guitar on an ANNIHILATOR CD, as well as sing. I guess that makes us a four-piece band live then! Im also going to sing some of the tracks I sang on previous records, like ‘King Of The Kill’, ‘Refresh The Demon’ and others.»

ANNIHILATOR recently released a retrospective double-disc DVD set, entitled «Ten Years in Hell», via SPV. The set contains seven classic, official ANNIHILATOR music videos, off-stage band footage and bonus underground, fan-shot, live performances and a special interview with Waters as he recounts his memories of the band’s «first ten years in Hell.» Also included are special appearances by original co-lyricist John Bates, «Neverland» frontman Coburn Pharr, «Criteria» bassist Russell Bergquist, and «Set the World on Fire»‘s Mike Mangini and Neil Goldberg.

En todo caso no parece que el puesto de Mangini se convierta en fijo:

SLIPKNOT Drummer ‘Promises’ To Appear On Future ANNIHILATOR CD

ANNIHILATOR mainman Jeff Waters has posted the following message on the band’s official web site:

«Working hard on the vocals for the new CD… then [Dave] Padden [guitar, vocals] plays his rhythm tracks. We are gonna have a cool ‘live’ feel on this new CD. ANNIHILATOR have always had the reputation of being a really tight-playing band. No different on this new CD except with Padden playing, things are a bit looser than when I play both rhythm tracks. Very tough for me to ‘let go’ of that precision factor but, in the end, it has much more ‘feel’ than if I had played both tracks. Padden rocks.

«Padden, myself and Lord Teem went out to see MINISTRY and REVCO last night… Awesome show and they sure are heavy as heck live. Al [Jourgensen] is really something, in that he can do what he does for this many gigs in a tour and for so long. Pro show. My pal Joey Jordison [SLIPKNOT, MINISTRY‘s current touring drummer] looks right at home with this gig; tons of killer fast double-bass drumming and non-stop energy. Had a good dinner with Joey and I am going to hold him to his promise of recording an ANNIHILATOR CD with us. Not this time but maybe next year or so. Thanks Joey, you rock and Teem and Padden thank you for being so cool!

«So it looks likely that the reigning Drum God himself, Mike Mangini, will be thrashing the skins on the new ANNIHILATOR CD! Third CD for ANNIHILATOR, as will also be the case for Mr. Padden!

«Here is a link to a pic of Joey and myself after a big fat steak and lobster, in case you wanted to know what Drum Gods eat!»