Vale, ahora que he construido el título llamativo y fácil, puedo «explicar» a qué se debe. Todo empieza por la siguiente canción, que está en la banda sonora de Austin Powers (cuando Austin lucha contra las FemmeBots):


Si os molestáis en consultar la entrada de los Divinyls en la Wikipedia veréis dos referencias (una clara y otra menos obvia) bastante cogidas por los pelos a AC/DC:

  1. «Their manager Vince Lovegrove was the former co-lead vocalist of popular 60s pop band The Valentines with Bon Scott.» Ésta era la fácil.
  2. «They also had hits with their cover versions of The Easybeats‘s I’ll Make You Happy…» Y ésta es de segunda derivada: Los Easybeats fueron un grupo australiano que contaron entre sus filas con los productores de los siete primeros discos de AC/DC, Harry Vanda y George Young (el hermano mayor de Angus y Malcolm).

Y si pensábais que necesito alguna razón para poner un video de una canción sexualmente (algo) explícita y buscar su conexión con AC/DC… estáis equivocados.


Un apaño de web que devolverá algún que otro recuerdo a las personas que, como yo, en los 80 ya tenía un cierto uso de razón:

Music Videos From the 80’s

Descubierto por Xristo y Mr. White.


Ya sé que no es exáctamente una noticia, pero a día de hoy ya hay los suficientes datos como para saber qué esperar de la nueva obra de Iron Maiden [wiki]:

Full Details of Forthcoming Studio Album Announced
:: 19-June-2006 2:05 pm

As posted on Iron Maiden’s official website:

Iron Maiden plan to release their new studio album entitled A Matter of Life and Death, in early September.

The band started writing songs at the end of 2005 after a short break from their hugely successful festival appearances in Europe and the USA. After Christmas the songs were completed and rehearsed when the band then got together with producer Kevin ‘Caveman’ Shirley at Sarm West Studios in London to start work on recording the backing tracks…

Read on for the tracklist and much more…

Kevin Shirley has now co-produced three of the bands studio albums alongside Steve Harris, as well as two of their recent Live DVD’s and albums. From this the working relationship between Kevin and the band seems to get stronger and stronger. Says Kevin, ‘The Beast is back! I feel from the outset we all clicked on this one. We spent two months in the studio, from Go to Whoa – from Nicko’s ‘tubs up’ to final mixes and sequenced master! That’s a tiny gestation period for an album. Producing Iron Maiden is like sitting in the head and driving one of those mammoth automatons from Star Wars or Saturday morning cartoons! And there’s nothing that can stop it!’

‘I feel incredibly privileged to have been around to see this album born and breathe life. There have been only a couple of occasions in my career when the ENTIRE process of recording felt so complete – and it is on display here.’

As on previous projects all of the tracks were performed live and together in one room. No click tracks or computer tightening or manipulation has happened at any stage of the recording.

Says Steve Harris,’ I think in many ways this has been the easiest album in terms of recording that we’ve ever done. The whole process of writing through to recording was very natural. I think in terms of the material we’ve also pushed our boundaries yet again and I think it will please our fans but also really surprise a lot of people as well. The sound we’ve managed to get is very powerful for a Maiden record and all of us have pushed ourselves in our own ways to create something that we’re all immensely proud of and I think working as quickly as we did with Kevin really was part of that process. We simply can’t wait to take this out on the road. We’ve played some great shows and had a lot fun recently introducing some of our older songs to a new generation of fans. However for us personally we’re incredibly excited about getting out and performing these new tracks.’

Says Bruce Dickinson,’This album has to be our best since working with Kevin. There is such a wide scope of musicianship on this album and in parts this album is truly epic. I thought with the likes of Paschendale from the last studio album that we could only hope to surpass that but having now heard the album back as well as sitting with a few select people and hearing their reactions as well I truly believe we have managed it. Every one of us has put everything into this record and it’s really paid off. However we’ve had such fun making it that it’s almost difficult to believe what we’ve managed to achieve in the time it took.’

The full track listing is as below.


  1. Different Worlds (Smith/Harris) 4.17
  2. These Colours Don’t Run (Smith/Harris/Dickinson) 6.52
  3. Brighter Than a Thousand Suns (Smith/Harris/Dickinson) 8.44
  4. The Pilgrim (Gers/Harris) 5.07
  5. The Longest Day (Smith/Harris/Dickinson) 7.48
  6. Out Of the Shadows (Dickinson/Harris) 5.36
  7. The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg (Murray/Harris) 7.21
  8. For The Greater Good of God (Harris) 9.24
  9. Lord Of Light (Smith/Harris/Dickinson) 7.23
  10. The Legacy (Gers/Harris) 9.20

The band have just announced tour dates in Japan and the majority of the European dates at the end of 2006 are already sold out. However please check the details of all of these on www.ironmaiden.com for latest information on ticket availability and for details of tickets just released from Production holds.

Sources: Iron Maiden.com

Sacado de maidenfans.


Pues sí. Una canción de Cher [wiki] por estos lares, y además de amor. Pero tiene truco:

Cher w/ Beavis & Butt-Head – I Got You Babe (04m28s)

Lo único malo es que aparentemente sólo está disponible la versión cortada, donde el diálogo del principio carece de frases como:

Beavis: We need a chick who’s cool.

Butt-Head: Yeah. We need a chick who doesn’t suck.

Butt-Head: Uh… Wait a minute. That’s not what I meant.


Visto en Blabbermouth:

MASTODON Complete Work On New Album; Cover Artwork Posted Online

Atlanta’s MASTODON have officially completed work on their third album, «Blood Mountain», due this fall via the band’s new label, Warner Bros. The album’s cover artwork was posted online on the band’s official web site as an interactive puzzle, where the pieces must be dragged and dropped to create the cover. Check it out at this location.

«Blood Mountain» is being recorded with Seattle-based producer Matt Bayles (ISIS, HORSE THE BAND). The CD was mixed in New York by Rich Costey (AUDIOSLAVE, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE). Songtitles set to appear on the follow-up to 2004’s «Leviathan» include «Circle of Cysquatch», «Hunters of the Sky», «The Sleeping Giant», «Bladecatcher», «The Colony of Birchmen», «Pendulous Skin», «The Siberian Divide», «Capillarian Crest», «Hand of Stone», «Crystal Skull», «The Wolf Is Loose» and «This Mortal Soil».

In a recent interview with MTV.com, drummer Bränn Dailor said about the upcoming CD, «It’s hard to be inside something and talk to people about it. And it’s kind of a cliché that the people in the band think that what they’re working on at the moment is the best stuff they’ve ever done. But I guess that’s the way that we feel. It’s just more intense, more ? I mean I like everything we’ve ever done. But at the moment, I’m really digging on this stuff. It’s hard for me to put into words what’s different about it. It’s just better.»

La solución, aquí.