Sacado de Blabbermouth:

Launch Radio Networks reports: Eddie Van Halen called in to Howard Stern‘s program on the Sirius Satellite Radio service on Friday (September 8th), and he dropped a couple of major bombshells. After saying he was free of the cancer that led to tongue surgery a few years ago, the guitarist said that he and a partner had developed a treatment that cured his cancer, though he wouldn’t reveal what it contains. As for how he got cancer in the first place, Van Halen denied it was from smoking, which he has never stopped, and he claimed the disease might have come from the metal guitar pick he used.

On a different topic, Van Halen made the slightly less amazing announcement that a reunion with original lead singer David Lee Roth isn’t out of the question, though he didn’t give any kind of timetable. Van Halen also talked about bassist Michael Anthony, and he seemed to go back and forth on whether they might work together again. Finally, Van Halen said his next project would be an album with him, his brother Alex, and his son Wolfgang, who he said had «dangerous» talent.

Coming out Wednesday (September 13) on DVD is an adult movie called «Sacred Sin» for which Van Halen wrote and recorded music. He claimed that instead of calling it porn, people should think of it as a legitimate film about «good and evil» that also has sex in it. Director Michael Ninn said it was shot at Van Halen‘s house in Los Angeles.

Por otro lado, dada su increíble versatilidad como guitarrista excepcional, drogadicto y curandero, últimamente se ha considerado su inclusión como personaje secundario en los Simpsons. sustituyendo a la señora de los gatos:

Un par de fotos más aquí, para los valientes.