Metal Asylum entrevistó a André Olbrich, guitarra de Blind Guardian [wiki], en Agosto. En dicha entrevista se mencionan un par de cosillas interesantes:

11. Were there any older Blind Guardian shows recorded, maybe ones with Hansi on bass, professionally shot that will see release on DVD?

ANDRE: I have about 200 tapes where we started recording as far back as 1993 and we may do a special Blind Guardian history DVD and would include some of that footage. Right now its not in the plans as we have the new album out, this orchestral project and tour dates but when we get time its something we would like to put together.

12. What’s that you said an orchestral album?

ANDRE: Yes this is something Hansi and I have been working on since 1998 and the songwriting is almost done. We just need time to record it in the proper way which is difficult because we have never worked with a real orchestra before and everything works completely different. When we finish this tour behind ?A Twist in the Mist? which is in about a year we want to start production and maybe release it in 2008.

13. Is this orchestral project going to be a Blind Guardian album or will you call it something else?

ANDRE: Yes it will be but it will be recorded for an orchestra and not for a metal band. The songs will sound like BG song but we will only bring in the band for certain parts. Its very unique. Maybe will can give one song to the fans before the release so they can see what they are going to get. We are working on it but it takes a lot of time to do.

En primer lugar están los DVDs con el material antiguo. Sólo de pensar en ello se me hace la boca agua: tengo por ahí algún video profesional (nada de bootleg) de actuaciones anteriores al 2000 y me encantaría tenerlas en dubidú. Por si acaso iré haciendo un huequecito junto al «Imaginations Through The Looking Glass». Por otro lado está el proyecto orquestal, que me apetece escuchar tanto como el material que prepararon para la trilogía cinematográfica de El Señor de los Anillos.

Habrá que ir ahorrando.