En primer lugar, recomiendo leer la historia de Stuck Mojo para saber a qué se deben los siguientes puntos:

Welcome to the Mojo Mindset!

  1. The tracks on our new record, «Southern Born Killers,» will be posted at www.StuckMojo.us, as well as all over the internet for you to download, FOR FREE! You read that right! Download the songs, share them with your friends and, if you like what you hear, let potential new fans know where they too can get the songs for free.

    Why would we give the songs away for free? Well, we’ve been recording records for free for almost twelve years now anyway! Of course it wasn’t free to you, the fans. You thought you were supporting the band as you shelled out 16 bucks to a retail store which kept five or six of those dollars for a few inches of shelf space and the rest ended up at a record company in New York, Los Angeles, London or Germany. Yeah, I know, they have a staff to pay, rent, a light bill, advertising budgets, etc. I’m a confirmed capitalist and I want to see everyone that works hard succeed. But most of the guys that I know who play music for a living drive older, used cars, live in small apartments and eat microwave burritos three times a day. I’ve never once met a record label executive that drives a Toyota Corolla, sleeps on an air mattress and has to take medicine to control his chronic case of diarrhea from Taco Bell. And that’s saying something because I’ve met a lot of them! In fact, most of them have a fresh tan and a golf swing that wasn’t perfected just on the weekends. I’m through with them making money off my music.

  2. If you like the songs and want to own a copy of the actual «Southern Born Killers» CD, then purchase it at www.StuckMojoMedia.com. This guarantees you the album at it’s highest possible audio quality as well as a full-color, 16 panel booklet, a bonus DVD featuring the new video for «Open Season» shot by British filmmaker Simon Evans and a 20 minute behind-the-scenes documentary.
  3. This album was completely financed by the band. By purchasing «Southern Born Killers» directly, you can do so knowing the money will go directly to the creators of the music who will continue investing in another record, another video, another tour.
  4. Lastly, if you don’t have the dollars to buy the record, then just enjoy the free downloads. Tell everyone to go to www.myspace.com/stuckinthemojo or www.StuckMojo.us and come see Stuck Mojo live when we are in your town or a town near you.

Thank you for your support.


Rich Ward

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