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Says ickybob, «This can be viewed as either an inferior Fantasia update or a really spectacular Black Sabbath video.»

Internet Freshness Disclaimer: This is at least 6 months old, but I never got around to posting before. Evidently, there are also some deathmetal Fantasia syncs out there (Slayer and Anthrax are rumored, but I have yet to locate). If you know of others, feel free to point me to ‘em here.

Video Link (Part 1), Video Link (Part 2). (Thanks, Kevin Evans)

Reader comment:

Courtney Sexton says,

More Black Sabbath! Here’s a video someone shot of the Extra Action Marching Band covering Black Sabbath with Extreme Elvis: Link.

KaneCitizen says,

Here’s an excellent mashup of Sabbath and Seven Samurai: Link. Also, Sabbath + Zeppelin: Link. Wow: that last MP3 link is a mashup of «Whole Lotta Love» and «War Pigs,» and it’s reasonably excellent.

Rodney says,

Great Sabbath Fantasia link there. Thought you might like my favorite Ozzy Mash-up… JAZZ SABBATH!!! Video link.