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Reason to be weaved: Blaze Bayley ‘not bald any more’ shocker!

This just in from Optima Hair Specialists. You gotta read it to believe it?

When ex-Iron Maiden front man Blaze Bayley discovered he was losing his hair he didn?t ?Run To The Hills? and step away from the heavy metal music spotlight. He opted for a much more positive approach and headed for advice and guidance from the world?s premier hair replacement experts, Optima Hair Specialists Ltd.

Going bald quite simply ain?t rock’n’roll, and the 40-something rock legend was a ?Man On The Edge? as he sought to rejuvenate his appearance and keep his hairline as fresh as the song lines being produced by his heavy rocking band, B.L.A.Z.E.

Birmingham-born Blaze went back to his roots to see if Optima could help him rediscover his crowning glory, and he?s delighted with the results which are plain to see?

When you?ve toured the world and shared the stage with some of the world?s biggest rock icons, you know what it takes to succeed in the hard-rocking, guitar-screaming, drum-pounding world of heavy metal. It?s critically important to hit the right chord with your audience, and that goes for the look, as well as the sound of your band.

?My music is as dynamic as it ever was and I was desperate to ensure my appearance stayed in tune. I?d heard great things about Optima and had no hesitation in calling them up and seeing what they could do for me,? says Blaze.

?Optima?s unique hair integration technique really blew my mind! My hair looks incredible and the whole Optima experience has served to energise my performances out on stage or in the recording studio ? thanks guys, I owe you big time!?

As you can see, Optima have even supplied us with ‘before‘ and ‘after‘ photos of Blaze. Er, thanks guys.