Yo ya noto algo de pérdida de audición, y procuro decirle a todos los participantes en el curso de batería que es más que conveniente que utilicen protección auditiva. Y no lo digo yo solamente, lo dice mucha gente, entre ellos el guitarrista de Grave Digger [wiki], Manni Schmidt:

Few of you may have read it in the Rock Hard magazine ? I use hearing aids by now. At the time I got them there was an article on the loudness of concerts in the Rock Hard magazine on which I reacted spontaneously with a reader’s letter. The reactions on this ? personally during the tour as well as in e mails ? were consistently positive. There still seem to be people who think about it and take care of their ears as opposed to myself earlier. So folks ? take care of your ears! When it’s wasted it’s too late! Hearing aids are only supportive on taking part in the daily life, they’re not new ears!

Pues eso, que viene bien recordarlo de vez en cuando.