A través de Blabbermouth, visto en y sacado de L.A. Pop Art:

Rage Against The Machine is one of the most popular and influential bands in music. Their riffs, grooves and politically charged lyrics have created a loyal following of fans that have followed the band through its ups and downs. The recent reunion of Rage Against The Machine has reassured fans that you ?can?t stop them now?. Rage Against The Machine is like many of the other icons we have created here at LA Pop Art, they have a style all their own and have created a movement that shows no sign of slowing down.

This image is created using one of Rage Against The Machine?s most popular hits ?Renegades of Funk.?

Pincha sobre la imagen para ver la versión grande.

Y de propinilla, el vídeo: Rage Against The Machine – Renegades Of Funk [03m54s]. And The Funk Never Dies…