El post de ayer me recordó que hace un mes más o menos se comentaba esto en MaidenFans:

New Iron Maiden Video Game in the Works?

From Maiden Norway.com:

«Norwegian videogame developer Hybris is, in cooperation with Phantom Management, developing a new game built on Iron Maiden’s music and of course Eddie. The game has been awarded a grant from the Norwegian Film Fund for the first phase of development for this new game which has been given the working title PLAY WITH MADNESS.

The dramatic settings for this new game is a mix of the Northern Mythology gods (Odin, Thor and the others) and Maidens universe. Play With Madness contains a fantastic gallery of characters. The idea is that the Northern Gods reach out to Eddie and the band when Ragnarok (The end of the world) is approaching.

The action kicks off with Eddie beeing given an assignment from Odin, and starts his World Tour which brings him to a bloody battle between Norwegian Vikings and Japanese Samurai, amongst other things. The player will be thrown into Ragnarok with the force of Heavy Metal!»

Aprovecho para mandar un saludo al cabrón que me robó mi copia del Ed Hunter, privándome de disfrutar/sufrir el que es, hasta la fecha, el único juego oficial para PC de Iron Maiden.