Siguiendo con la iniciativa de ayer de publicar material que vi en su momento y fui demasiado vago como para mencionarlos, aquí van dos reseñas sacadas de Boing Boing sobre algunas tendencias en los campos mercantil y técnico de la música:

  1. David Byrne’s guide to being a musician in the 21st century:

    As a companion to David Byrne and Thom Yorke’s conversation about the music biz, Wired’s published «David Byrne’s Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists ? and Megastars,» a long piece with many illustrative slides and anaecdotes that lays out some surprising, smart and useful visionary material about the way to earn your living with music in the 21st century. Don’t miss the audio of David Byrne and Brian Eno and other lumniaries chatting about the subject! Link

  2. Music producers mixing for MP3:

    In a fascinating article about trends in sound engineering, Rolling Stone notes that producers are now specifically mixing tracks to compensate for the failings in MP3 — it seems to me that as a society, we’re happy to sacrifice fidelity for ease of use, flexibility and low-cost (see, for example, the trend from landlines to cordless phones to mobile phones to Skype). Designing for that, as opposed to lamenting it — is a damned good and realistic thing to do. Link (via /.)

De propina, una entrevista a Benn Jordan titulada «Pirated by iTunes, Artist Turns to BitTorrent»:

The Flashbulb, aka Benn Jordan, became so outraged when he discovered that iTunes was effectively pirating his music, that he uploaded copies of his latest album to BitTorrent. TorrentFreak caught up with Benn to learn more about the decision to stop distributors and ?coked-up label reps? from getting all the cash.

Aunque sólo sea por la presentación totalmente tr00, también resulta interesante visitar su blog. ACTUALIZACIÓN: Su blog ya no mola tanto: antes lo tenía todo hecho en ASCII art.