He aquí el texto introductorio del artículo de la Wikipedia sobre Carol Kaye:

Carol Kaye (born March 24, 1935) is an American musician, best known as one of the most prolific and widely heard bass guitarists in history, playing on an estimated 10,000 recording sessions.[1]

As a session musician Kaye was the bassist on several Phil Spector, Brian Wilson and David Axelrod productions in the 1960s and 1970s. She played guitar on Ritchie Valens‘ «La Bamba» and is credited with the bass tracks on several Simon & Garfunkel hits and many film scores by Quincy Jones and Lalo Schifrin. Among her most often cited work Kaye anchored the Beach Boys‘ album Pet Sounds.

Si con esos dos párrafos no os quedáis con la boca abierta el siguiente vídeo no es interesará. Los que estéis cuerdos seguramente encontraréis los siguientes ocho minutos y medio escasos:

Carol Kaye - The First Lady of Bass []