En Noise made me do it publicaron hace un par de meses extractos de una entrevista que Down Beat Magazine hizo a Miles Davis en 1964. En ella recogen sus impresiones sobre algunas grabaciones que le proponen escuchar sin revelarle la identidad de los intérpretes. Pocos le producen un impresión favorable. De hecho, esta debe ser la única realmente positiva:

On Stan Getz – Joao Gilbert, “Desafinado” (Getz, tenor saxophone; Gilberto, vocal):

Gilberto and Stan Getz made an album together? Stan plays good on that. I like Gilberto; I’m not particularly crazy about just anybody’s bossa nova. I like the samba. And I like Stan, because he has so much patience, the way he plays those melodies – other people can’t get nothing out of a song, but he can. Which takes a lot of imagination, that he has, that so many other people don’t have.

As for Gilberto, he could read a newspaper and sound good! I’ll give that one five stars.