No sólo de El Mundo Today vive el hombre:

Groupie Accidentally Sleeps With Bass Player

LOUISVILLE, KY – The day after The Academy Is concert, Victoria Jorgensen, 22, was terrified to realize that she had accidentally slept with the band’s bass player – mistaking him for someone important in the band. “I can’t believe how stupid I was,” said Jorgensen. “I mean, I went up to the guy and was like ‘are you in the band’ and he was all like, ‘yeah, I’m in the band’ so I did him. Then this morning I was telling my friends and I realized he was just the bass player. This happens to me all the time.”
Jorgensen plans to do more research before sleeping with another band member. “This won’t happen again,” said Jorgensen. “If I’m going to sleep with someone, they’d better be important. I mean, I could find someone here in town as important as a bass player.”

Adam Siska, The Academy Is bass player, was unavailable for comment.

Esta «noticia» fue publicada hace ya unos cuantos años y el citado bajista llegó a desmentirla. Ya se sabe, por si acaso alguien se la toma en serio.