Este fin de semana me topé con este artículo: This is what the LHC sounds like. Como no es muy extenso pero si bastante curioso lo dejaré por aquí:

A few years ago one of my friends worked at the LHC making some equipment to help correct beam drift. (I emailed her for clarification) Apparently the particles go past any fixed point in the ring at about the right frequency to land in the audible range. To get data samples, she ended up camping out with audio equipment underground in some emergency bunker next to the beam while they cooled it down and spun it up. She was stuck down there for hours – the only entrance was through the beam tunnel, which was superchilled (and radioactive? I’ve emailed her for the full story.)

Anyway, I got some of the audio recordings off her (because why wouldn’t you??) and they’ve been sitting on my computer for the last couple of years. I just saw an AMA by some CERN researchers who also have never heard the beam. And people on quora who say the same.

So for maybe the first time on the internet, this is what the LHC sounds like:

LHC Beam sounds – CNGS LHC1 Single Bunch Gate [02m09s]

I have some more samples too that I’ll upload once I get the full story from my friend.

No es que sean unos sonidos espectaculares pero su origen los hace interesantes, aunque tampoco son los primeros en grabarse en el LHC: hay grabaciones anteriores de audio y vídeo del colimador.

Imágenes de colimadores del LHC: Vista a lo largo de la ruta del haz.