Hace unos días anunciaban en LoudTrax el libro «MOSH POTATOES – The Rock & Roll Cook Book»:

The book features anecdotes and recipes from some of the biggest Hard Rock & Metal Bands around the world.

[…] guys like Zakk Wylde, Lita Ford, Rex from Pantera, Mark from Lamb of God, the guys in Type O Negative, Guns & Roses, Anthrax, Megadeth, Overkill, Testament, Queensryche, Bison BC, Steel Panther, Mudvayne, Life of Agony, Dream Theater and the list just keeps going and going and going

Dicen que estará a la venta a finales de año, con lo que es posible que coincida con «Drumming Up an Appetite with Vinnie Paul», anunciado también hace poco en Metal Injection:

Paul’s cookbook is set to contain a wide variety of his favorite recipes, including everything from fajitas to his iniquitous stuffed jalapenos.

Quizás se esté convirtiendo en algún tipo de moda eso de escribir libros de cocina «jebis», porque hace no demasiado se publicaba un libro que apuntaban en Bravewords.com de corte similar, «Hellbent For Cooking: The Heavy Metal Cookbook»:

Members of pioneering death metal bands AUTOPSY, POSSESSED, DEATH, REPULSION, SLAUGHTER, OBITUARY, MASTER, and OBSCURITY are among the more than a hundred metal bands from over thirty countries who have submitted favorite recipes to Hellbent For Cooking: The Heavy Metal Cookbook, by Annick «The Morbid Chef» Giroux.

Cuando hagan uno de postres tendré que echarle un vistazo.


Los que busquen una explicación a la imagen que acompaña este texto pueden mirar en JapanSugoi:

Marty Friedman is one gaijin dude who must be making most Japanese learners jealous. Though not 100% native, his Japanese is excellent and he even knows how to use colloquial Japanese correctly. This ?super guitarist? is a TV celebrity in Japan and he recently appeared on popular Japanese TV cooking show Saturday Night Chubaw  ????????? (TBS) with hosts Mai Kobayashi ???? and Masaaki Sakai ? ?? to talk about cooking, music and other stuff.

El programa concreto se puede ver en dos partes. En la primera [06m03s] se puede ver a Marty «tocando» la guitarra mientras bate algo y en la segunda [05m29s] acompañando al cocinero mientras este canta, entre otras varias cosas que sólo a un japonés se le puede ocurrir.