Protest The Hero - Underbite []


Lo anunciaban hace veinte días en Blabbermouth pero, tal y como me organizo, es normal que no me haya enterado hasta ahora.

Tras la exitosa campaña de financiación por micro-mecenazgo y a pesar del cambio de batería tengo mucho interés por escuchar este disco.


Me encuentro en el correo con el siguiente mensaje del viernes pasado:

We know we have been silent for the past couple months while we record this beast, but we assure you it’s almost done and is turning out extremely well. We plan on releasing our beloved «pupdates» throughout the summer while we set up to release this new album so stay tuned for that.

With all this incredible progress, however, we have some sad news. Our brother and friend Moe has decided to leave the band to go back to school in pursuit of some of his other passions. When our gruelling studio schedule just wouldn’t work with his gruelling school schedule, we realized we would need to find a session player for the new album. With Moe’s guidance and approval, we found us a nice match in Chris Adler! Having known Chris for a few years, and with he and Moe being drum-buddies, it seemed like a perfect fit. We are happy to say that Chris has already come and gone from canada and has left us with some beautiful drum tracks.

Can’t wait for you all to hear it!

For more information, click here for an exclusive interview with Rody and Moe on AuxTV

Protest The Hero

Pues ahí lo tenemos. Moe Carlson deja el grupo para formarse y para la grabación del disco contarán con Chris Adler de Lamb Of God. A ver qué tal les va.

Protest The Hero - C'est La Vie []


Protest the Hero tocan hoy en Madrid y yo no iré a verlos. Así son las cosas o, mejor dicho, c’est la vie [03m46]. Espero que la próxima vez que vengan sí tenga la oportunidad de ver si en directo mantienen el increíble nivel que tienen en sus discos. Y ver si vienen de esta guisa: