Portada de The Rutles vista en LPCover Lover

Sin tener mucho que ver con la imagen anterior, el otro día leía en Bravewords.com que habían encontrado unos discos de los Beatles un tanto especiales:

These items were obtained from a former Capitol Records record-pressing plant employee, who worked for the company from the late 1970s until the mid 1980s. He had access to the music, the machines and the brilliantly coloured vinyl discs. When his shift was over, he’d sometimes experiment, testing techniques of mixing colour and creating patterns. Thankfully, his favourite band was The Beatles, and he took the opportunity to create what are now totally unique in the world of Beatles collectibles.

Among the items is a breathtaking electric-blue vinyl disc with The Beatles “Revolver” side A pressed on one side and John Lennon’s solo debut album “Plastic Ono Band” side B on the flipside. Another gem is a pressing of the seminal “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album done on a stunning blue marble vinyl.

Cuando la gente pierde el sentido por cosas así no es de extrañar que John Lennon ocupe el puesto número siete en la lista de Forbes del 2009 de famosos muertos que más ingresos generan. Como curiosidad, Jimi Hendrix está décimo segundo.