Small Faces - Lazy Sunday []


Llevo unos días que, por alguna razón, no puedo dejar de escuchar alguna de las obras que Steve Marriott realizó a finales de los 60 y principios de los 70. Una de las canciones que me ha dado por escuchar una y otra vez es la siguiente:

Small Faces - Tin Soldier []

En la Wikipedia recogen un hecho curioso sobre las letras del tema y la censura de la época:

When Tin Soldier was released the BBC informed the band that the last line of the song had to be removed from all TV and radio broadcasts, mistakenly believing that Marriott sang «sleep with you», when in fact the lyric is «sit with you». Marriott explained that […] «The meaning of the song is about getting into somebody’s mind – not their body. It refers to a girl (Jenny Rylance) I used to talk to all the time and she really gave me a buzz. The single was to give her a buzz in return and maybe other people as well. I dig it. There’s no great message really and no physical scenes.»