Hace años Tomas Haake confesó en esta entrevista [04m24s] que aprender a tocar adecuadamente Bleed [05m00s] le supuso un desafío. Me parece normal cuando algunos de los pasajes tienen este aspecto:

La transcripción está sacada de un (no muy reciente) artículo de David Weiss para DRUM! Magazine:

[…] A great example is the [previous] section of “Bleed.” At first, I thought it was in some insanely strange sequence of time signatures, until I wrote it out. What I found was a very clever drum part that tightly mimics the guitar riffs. Haake plays a simple pattern with his hands – quarter notes on sloshy hi-hats with his snare drum falling directly on beat 3. His feet, however, are playing a futuristic drum part of repeating hertas (RLR L) and mixing time signatures. The bass drum pattern can be most easily thought of as a repeating sequence of one measure of 13/16 followed by one measure of 4/4. If you look closely you can see that the bass drum pattern keeps shifting earlier by three sixteenth-notes in each line of the transcription under Haake’s rock-solid hands. This is one scary and very difficult drum part. […]

En el Sonisphere de 2010 pude constatar lo engañósamente fácil que hace que parezca. Coincido con el autor del artículo: da miedo.